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Thanks for visiting Nesty Cleaners. We have been proudly serving the local Paterson, NJ community for well over 35 years. At Nesty Cleaners, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the very best in customer care and satisfaction. We are a locally owned and operated business.



Suede & Leather Cleaning

Don’t risk permanently ruining you’re leather or suede jacket. Bring them to Nesty Cleaners and for an affordable rate, we can clean or restore them just the way you like. Garments such as leather jackets, leather gloves, leather pants, hand bags, coats, suede pants, and suede jackets all require specialized care.

Tailoring Services

Whether you have just purchased a new suit that needs to be custom fit to you’re size or have lost weight/gained weight and need garments adjusted, we’re fully at you’re service. Nesty Cleaners provides same day tailoring and alterations for all types of garments including suits, dresses, pants, shirts, and more.

Comforter Cleaning

Comforters are expensive one-time purchases and over time can become very dirty. Most people will tell you that all you’ll have to do is clean it at the local laundromat in a large machine. However, using those large commercial machines can ruin the quality as well as the size of you’re comforter. We recommend bringing you’re comforter to us where we can clean it in a gentle, specialized manner. Our experts will make sure it does not shrink and it comes back to you perfectly clean.

Laundered Shirts

We provide expert shirt laundering services to all of our customers throughout Paterson, NJ. You might be thinking, “why can’t I just wash my shirts myself?” Well the truth is, you can. However, we are far better at removing things like stains, sweat rings around collars, and preventing shrinkage than you might be. We don’t mean to be disrespectful in any way, it’s just that our machines are built specifically to handle delicate shirts and the detergents we use for removing stains are just more powerful than what you have at home. You can always depend on us to take care of you’re shirts the way we would take care of our own.

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  • Over 35 Years Experience
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