About Us

In 1975, our founder Carlos Gomez SR. was working in a factory making boxes. Although he was always looking to improve his family prospects,He knew the steady income provided all the essentials for his wife and five children.

As fate would have it, 1975 is also the year Carlos JR. (Charlie) would begin working for Hourglass Cleaners. Charlie learned the dry cleaning business quickly and spoke of it often at home. By 1976 when the owners of our glass cleaners were looking to scale back, Carlos SR. and Charlie made an offer on their 15th Street dry cleaning plant. It was accepted and another family was taking their first steps on the journey towards the “American dream.”

Settling on a name would be easy, Carlos SR. to whom family meant everything chose Nesty Cleaners, in honor of his son Nestor whom the family had recently lost. As time went on, all the children worked at Nesty Cleaners at one time or another.

By 1980 a few changes were in store for Nesty’s. First Jorge joined his father and brother in the family business. Secondly, the store and dry cleaning plant moved to its current location at 518 Park Avenue on the Eastside section of Paterson, NJ

Nesty cleaners has become a fixture in the neighborhood since then and an anchor of the small business district on Park Avenue. Many of our customers were first introduced to us as infants and as they grow so have we, sharing in each other’s joys and sorrows. Change continues at Nesty’s in 2010, with the advent of vast and new technologies. Nesty’s changed to an eco-friendly cleaning system that is fully organic. Therefore reducing its carbon footprint. Also Carlos SR. and Charlie have gone on to other ventures, but Jorge is still here and waiting for you to stop in, Share a joke or two. Please allow us to continue serving all your dry cleaning needs in Paterson.